About Me

IMG_0387I Love the Lord with ALL my mind-body & soul. My husband & I have been married for almost 9 years.

I am a wife, mother of 3 girls and I have 3 grandchildren 2 boys and a girl. Our youngest daughter is 7, in the 2nd grade, and on FIRE for Jesus.

I Have a Bachelors Degree and will soon start to work on completing my Masters Degree in Business.

When not looking at YouTube Videos , or playing in my hair then I am teaching Zumba Classes. I am currently a member of the Leadership Board for the Naturalistas in Nap.

The reason to start is Blogging due to the fact that it seems to not be a person on YouTube that has my Natural Hair. I have been advised 3C or 4A the last young lady advised while shampooing my hair stated you have BABY HAIR!! I know we are all created individually & uniquely & wonderfully made. Its been close to 3 years and the products that are my HG I have been advised are too heavy for my hair.

I am a recovering product junkie, subscriptions were my thing. I had CurlBox and recently cancelled and currently have CurlKit & BoomBox will be cancelling very soon.


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